Thursday, June 07, 2007

trial cake.....

Since I had a batch of buttercream frosting all made up from class on Tuesday and we won't be using it in class again for 3 weeks,I decided to make a cake and try out some of the ideas that I have for edging the wedding cake.
These pictures are of the 3 different attempts I made at doing straight lines down the sides of the cake either with an arc from the top, or from the bottom.
Also a new rosette edging which I actually like better than the shell thing. (the shell is at the base of the cake, the rosettes are on top)

My conclusion on the lines down the side is that if we're going to do that I need to add the piping gel to the frosting because those long "drops" tend to "break".

I've also decided that I may need a pair of those support gloves to get through a whole wedding cake....after working with the frosting bags two days in a row, my hands were pretty sore.

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