Wednesday, June 20, 2007

by jove, I think she's got it!

Third night of Class II in cake decorating was last night.

After being totally disappointed by my failure to "get it right" on last week's frosting, I was a little apprehensive about yesterday's batch.


That one little tip in the book about the stand mixer and the amount of water made all the difference.

So, these are what I did in class:

I can tell you that I'm really happy my daughter doesn't want daffodills on her cake...these are a total pain to do....

first off you need 3 (!!) bags with different tips even for the ones that are all one color and then after you get done piping, you have to "pinch" each of the petals to give it the proper "daffodilly" look....

No wonder my mom said if you can do these you can do anything!

The pansy, on the other hand, was a joy.....

The pretty purple and yellow color combo is pretty nice

These are the really important flower (along with the daisy) for me to master.

My teacher says I've got these nailed! (she used my frosting to do her demonstration at the beginning of this section of the class, then when she came by later to look at what else I had done, she couldn't pick hers out of the bunch!)

Because Royal Icing can be made up to 6 months (or a year even) ahead of time, I can start making the roses for the wedding cake as soon as I want to. (and probably will!)

and these are the daisies.

I think I will be practicing a few more of these before I start in on the ones for the cake.

They make this really neat edible glitter for cake decorating and I think for the wedding cake I'll get some of the white one to use just on the flowers.

Next week's class is the last one, and we get to put all of the flowers we've made onto an oval cake and learn how to do basket weave piping with butter cream frosting.



Nancy G said...

Guess I should have picked my second favorite flower for that cake, since "the pansy was a joy..." Oh well, the husband turned out to be as much of a pain as those daffodils! LOL

Bev said...

indeed! what was on the second cake?