Thursday, June 14, 2007

Royal (PAIN!) Icing....

This week in our cake decorating class we had to do our first batch of Royal Icing.

I carefully followed the instructions in the book (and from class)

One little detail was missing however (as I found out AFTER class from the new book on wedding cakes I just got).....when you make Royal Icing in a big stand mixer like my KitchenAide, you are supposed to use a tablespoon LESS water...

So as you can see, my apple blossoms and violets and leaves were much too soft, and they look a little "blurry" and out of focus (no, it was NOT my camera)


I get to try again next week

The color flow icing, on the other hand, worked pretty well.....I still need to finish these up, but this is the beginning of my bluebirds.....

not bad

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