Tuesday, July 24, 2007

practicing for the BIG day

As I'm starting to pack tubs full of things we'll need for the wedding, I decided to test my risers and make sure that the size cakes I'm making will fit on the risers (figuring that having a mismatch on the big day would be a major faux pas!)

This was my little "test shot" complete with testing to be sure that the cake top would fit properly on a 6 inch cake.

Lovely isn't it? The plan is to drape all of those lovely plastic risers in a piece of white lace (which was in the laundry when I took the picture) I think it looks pretty good!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,

I finally got around today to checking out your blogs. They're real nice.

You need to measure how wide each riser is. The cake boards may go over the edges, is that ok? Also, I'd reverse the order somewhat so that the third size was nex to the second size and the largest was in front of the other two if that makes sense.

Like we dicussed Friday night, you may want to use boards that are four inches larger for your cakes, it will make them look nicer and fancier but then it could go over the edge if that is okay with you.

We can talk about it more Friday.