Saturday, July 28, 2007

it looks like a flower shop.....

Lillies, morning glories, petunias and poinsettias. All created from Royal Icing!

We learned how to use a lilly nail in class, and these were all done in the next to largest one. There is one that came in the kit that is the size to make lilly of the valley, but I have no clue how that is done. Someday we'll play with that idea. The lilly nail should also make for some awesome poppies!

This class was a lot of fun. I'm going to play with doing some more flowers with the frosting left from class, then its into the roses for the wedding cake again.

Making the royal icing this time was much easier. And I think I will forever associate royal icing with angel food cake. All of the flowers for the wedding cake are almond flavored, and since royal icing is egg whites (meringe powder), water, sugar and flavoring, the only thing missing would be the flour!


Nancy G said...

Wow, they're ALL gorgeous! I especially like the blue bindweed... LOL

Bev said...

oh yes, ever so much nicer that the white stuff that has crawled under the fence next door since they didn't really care about taking any steps to get rid of it! (and it doesn't look like new neighbors will be forthcoming anytime soon...they've been gone a week and the real estate box is still on the front door)