Sunday, February 11, 2007

its a cake, version 2.....

Ta Da!

Now doesn't this look much better? (aside from the fact that its chocolate, that is!)

This was amazingly easier....

I used the newly purchased 9 inch round pans (although a standard cake mix doesn't quite fill these as much as I'd like), and I didn't have to trim off the sides to put it together, which definately made the icing easier.

The new spatula for spreading also helped a lot.

And then there is this nifty item!

My mother gave me this. It was intended actually as a pancake turner, but it worked really well to move the cake layers from the cooling racks to the cake plate (or the top of the first layer). Its sturdy enough and stiff enough to make that journey without letting the cake break.

I'd say that lesson 2 went quite well!

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