Sunday, February 25, 2007


I decided this week to try baking a cake from scratch.

Well, SCRATCH that idea!!

The mixing went well, it seemed to be the right amount of batter for the two pans...but this is what it looked like when it came out of the oven.

My best guess is that it rose up over the edge of the pan then didn't have enough substance to support itself so it collapsed.

I'm wondering if this is more of the "baking at high altitude" issue.

Then, to make matters even more interesting, it stuck to the pan (even though I had prepared them exactly the same way I have been) and had to be scrapped out with a spatula

I stacked it up so it "resembles" a cake, but I didn't even bother with frosting, knowing that with all those cut edges I might just as well crumble the whole thing into the bowl with the frosting and stir for the way it would look.

It doesn't taste bad (its chocolate with coffee in it), but the texture is WAY off.

Anybody got a recipe to use pieces of unfrosted cake in anything?

{sigh} definately back to the drawing board.....

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