Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween meals

Now aren't these some cute cats!?

Halloween has never been a really big deal for us. We occasionally went all out for the effect of a costume (these pictures from a LOOOOOONNNNNG time ago are an example), but we never were into the "scare yourself silly" mode.

Dinner on those trick or treat evenings were always something pretty easy, so here are some suggestions:

Home made chili with crackers (in the near future I'll be putting up the recipe for gpa's chili which can be made ahead and just heated up on the big night)

Hamburgers and french fries (this was a favorite of our good friend June)

Toasted cheese sandwiches

Of course on halloween there is no need for desert, there will be plenty of candy later.

Here are some safety tips for the occasion too:

* face painting is WAY safer than masks, and a lot of fun to do
* be careful of overly long costumes or costumes with trailing pieces, they require more care when walking
* always trick or treat with a buddy
* carry a flash light for safely getting down uneven sidewalks and across streets
* if there is something about a house that feels too creepy, just walk on by
* always let mom and dad check out the candy before you eat it

The best costume I remember from when I was a kid was the year my dad made us up into hobos....we wore jeans and jackets, but he somehow knew how to make the coolest beard stubble on us girls that I've ever seen.....he rubbed cold cream on our faces then pressed used coffee grounds into it.....WAY COOL DAD!!

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Kelly Parra said...

Yes, Bev, really great costumes! The make-up is great!